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High Score: Drive customer demand

We helped one app developer conquer the Top 25 “Most Downloaded” ranking

About This Project


Key themes

  • Using an aggressive launch PR strategy to skyrocket 2 apps to the top of the charts and gain mainstream attention
  • Focusing on getting positive press coverage from general, influential technology writers
  • Securing coverage on enthusiast trade publications (fitness, science, gaming)



  • A younger, independent app developer sought to make a splash in a crowded App Store environment that was dominated by major publishers
  • Both of the developer’s apps were paid and social networking-themed, which required an immediate “bump” in users to allow it to thrive
  • A smaller team, previously unknown in the app ecosystem and unfamiliar with marketing processes had limited internal resources to support a launch



  • Create a full marketing launch plan with timeline, outlining required assets and core deadlines to meet a “go live” date for each app
  • Build a strong reviewer system that balanced securing reviews with high-value press outlets with less read, but highly influential enthusiast press
  • Counter the allure of larger publishers by letting press hear from the voices behind the technology
  • Organize an in-person demo day that gave a small, but highly influential group of writers access to the apps and technology team



  • Both apps landed in the Top 25 listing of the Apple App Store post launch, with the first app peaking at the #5 spot in its product category. These apps sat alongside and ahead of apps from large, billion dollar brands
  • Downloads were exclusively driven by PR output–no paid advertising campaigns were used
  • Significant brand awareness lead the developer to become the “voice” to balance presence from larger developers. Press outlets continue to turn to this developer for ongoing commentary and perspective  


Case study