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Data Hero: Downplay competitors

One brand uses data to silence competitors

About This Project

Key themes

  • A major social media data and analytics company turned its data into a gold mine
  • Showcasing the power of its data on a national, mainstream basis



  • A major social media data and analytics company faced fierce competition from a seemingly endless barrage of new competitors, all of which claimed to outperform the brand in terms of data quality
  • The social media company needed a way to validate the strength of its data and demonstrate its potential value to customer prospects (large retail, CPG, automotive and entertainment brands)
  • To separate itself from the pack, the company sought national mainstream press coverage that emphasized the power of its data for providing customer analytics and helping to inform real-time marketing decisions



  • Use branded data to capitalize on major cultural events, such as the SuperBowl, and national news such as new iPhone introductions
  • Create a war room during noteworthy press moments,bringing together in-house data analysts, creative team, and company spokespeople
  • Package well-branded insights for press outreach immediately before and after major events
  • Execute national press campaigns that touched across digital, print and broadcast media



  • For press campaigns in Q1, tied to the customer sentiment about SuperBowl, The Academy Awards and Grammy’s, more than 50 positive items of press coverage that validated the company as a trustworthy data source for customer insight. Standout coverage included Los Angeles Times, NBC News, Business Insider, Yahoo News, CBS Moneywatch, ESPN, AdAge, AdWeek, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, DigiDay, and VentureBeat
  • For a campaign tied to customer sentiment around an Apple iPhone introduction, a national broadcast exclusive with Fox Business TV and a web exclusive with Fast Company
  • National successes from data-focused press campaigns couldn’t be claimed by competitors. These became integral differentiators for client prospecting, sales pitches and winning new business


Case study