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Bonus Stage

One brand saves $100,000 in event sponsorship investment

About This Project

Key themes

  • Winning earned speaking opportunities to save significant event marketing dollars



  • A major B2B data company was spending more than $1 million/year on event sponsorship to achieve their goal of speaking at industry trade events.
  • Many of these sponsorships were secured simply to keep up with onstage presences from larger competitors with larger marketing investments
  • The company needed a way to reduce its event sponsorship budget and reallocate those dollars to other marketing priorities
  • They also sought to continue their substantial onstage presence at industry trade events but lacked the content, connections and capabilities to get onstage without paying large amounts



  • Partner with event marketing team, sales team, and senior executives to prioritize event structure and focus spend only on the essentials
  • Map priority events according
  • Implement a speaker’s bureau, which identified subject matter experts and topics they were passionate about
  • Create unique, compelling speaker proposals that spoke directly to each event’s core audience



  • $100K marketing investment saved in a 6 month period
  • High-profile appearances for the brand in front of hundreds of highly engaged customers
  • More than a dozen event opportunities secured with zero sponsorship dollars having to be spent
  • The majority of these earned events featured competitors who had to pay their way in to speak onstage
  • Going behind the curtain: Established long-term relationships with event organizers which positioned the company as the industry experts.
  • Increased public perception lead subsequent event organizers to proactively approach the brand for speaking opportunities




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