Because every product and company is different, Fame Arcade offers a wide selection of public relations services.


Why you need it: Launching a product, building a brand, and maintaining an image all require one thing–a plan. A public relations strategy is the first step to doing anything remarkable.

What we do: Fame Arcade will develop a plan that will help your business or product get the attention it deserves, comprised of the rest of the services offered here. We don’t do cookie-cutter plans either. Each public relations plan is custom made for your goals, whether you want to land millions of customers, attract venture funding, grow your company, or all of the above.


Why you need it: Every word you put on paper about your company affects your audience’s perception of it. Public relations messaging means choosing what you say (and write) about your company to attract your target audience.

What we do: Fame Arcade will craft custom messaging for your product or company that will make people pay attention. Whether you have existing messaging that needs work or you are starting from scratch, we make sure that you’re speaking and writing about your company the right way.

Media relations

Why you need it: Companies in the media spotlight are more successful that those that aren’t. Media relations gets your company featured on media outlets (print, broadcast, Web) in order to spread your message.

What we do: Fame Arcade gets your company and products into the headlines. We’ve got a long history of getting clients featured in major print, Web, and broadcast media, resulting in millions of viewers/readers for their products.

Social media strategy + implementation

Why you need it: Social media is an unavoidable part of any successful company. As social media tools evolve, being able to maintain a constant social presence is key.

What we do: Fame Arcade designs a social media plan that will let you easily attract new customers and interact with them any social network. Because social media can be an incredible time commitment, Fame Arcade can also take the helm of your social profiles, taking the hassle out of maintaining a social presence.


Why you need it: Each company has vastly different needs when it comes to getting their message to their target audience. Public relations targeting ensures your messages land in the right place, in the right time.

What we do: Fame Arcade takes your custom-crafted messaging and zeroes in on your key audience based on what they are reading and watching.

Share of voice tracking

Why you need it: The public relations industry is highly competitive. Knowing where you stand in terms of news items and positive user reactions is what share of voice tracking is all about. In order to effectively gauge public relations return on investment (ROI), share of voice tracking is key.

What we do: Fame Arcade finds out exactly what people (including your competitors) are saying about your company and maps it against your competition.