Win the fame game

Why PR?

Fame is the name of the game…and if you’re not playing it, you’re losing it.

Popularity means profits – plain and simple. Companies (including your competition) spend tons of money each year to win the public relations fame game and stay at the top of their industries.

It can be a difficult game to play, however. Many companies reach for the spotlight, yet fail to achieve stardom. Even the best companies in the world go nowhere if they are eclipsed by the competition.

Who we are

Fame Arcade is a full service public relations agency that can help your company get to the top.

Fame Arcade can help your company make a bigger name for itself. We’re different from typical public relations agencies because we’re made up of hundreds of brainy public relations pros throughout the U.S. We also forgo the hype and buzzwords that most other agencies thrive on.

In a nutshell, we’re normal men and women who will tell you (in plain English) how to make your company more famous, and put that plan into action.

What we do

Made it this far?  Great!  Read on to find out the specifics of our services:

Strategy – building a plan that will help your business/product get the attention it deserves.

Messaging – developing messaging that will start making people pay attention to your brand.

Targeting – finding the right people to listen to your message.

Media relations – talking to the right people about your message and getting them to publicize your message via print, Web, and broadcast outlets.

Share of voice tracking – finding exactly what people are saying about you and mapping it against your competition.

Social media – designing, implementing, and managing a social media plan to engage your customers. (and attract new ones.)